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July 2002.

[Blue] the point of no return is where the energy, pressure, focus, which is remaining in no longer sufficient, nor adequate to allow a retraction, a pull out, a change in course....once this point is reached, it will be set, Earth's destiny will be set...

You are at a point where you have two is to own yourselves and stop selling your souls or to simply close your eyes, turn a blind eye and KNOWING allow them to turn your lives, this planet, into one giant prison, physically, mentally, spiritually....

Whichever you globally choose at the crossroads will be set for good, it will be Earth's destiny and it will take great if not all universal grace to pull you out of it....and this grace will come at a must make their bed and sleep in it...

Your governments, your corporations, your establishments and institutions are all in corruption and decieving you...but still a blind eye is turned as you think you are powerless...but you are not...but you would rather roll over and die than be bothered to do anything...the frozen chosen your people have become.

The Endgame

So what's the end game .. Richard touches on it ... though at the heart of it the UN WAS benign, but now is corrupt as any of them ... has been hijacked ... but maybe still hope the end game will be a huge war affecting most of the planet, mainly north hemisphere .... the goal is depopulate the planet (no 7.2billion bodies) ... and leave the place in total and utter chaos .... and then ... in come the UFO's/ET .... proclaiming they are here to help and assist and bring peace and order.... under their command and instruction ,.,, but guess what folks ... this is the ultimate distraction .... because these ET's/UFO which do come are not really ET's ... they are UN/NATO soldiers dressed in startrek outfits and flying craft which the shadow govts possess based on 1st hand technologies well in advance of what we get ... yeh, i know there are movies based on this ... but where there's smoke there is fire .. R.

note: this war is only the beginning of things to come ... if it begins it will spiral out of control

Blue Sat, 11 Sep 2004 at 2:15 am

Ok folks, i tossed and turned whether to or not verbalise, what i sense is coming ... for many reasons many would accuse of being negative and not positive ... but in the end ... i'd rather be open, than bury head in the sand with some newage fluff fluff ... "it'll all be alright" .... yes it may be alright after the shit hits the fan, but in the interim, they won't be ... so if it is to negative for you, i am sorry .... it was the winter of '63 ... we thought the world would freeze, with john f. kennedy and the beatles we saw the earth was dying ... the children crying ... we heard the screaming jets

do know and understand this .....

wars do not happen at the drop of a pin .......they are carefully planned and orchestrated over a many many years ... and since 911 ... the tune of the orchestra is leading to that of major war ....

igniting ethnic and racial hatred and conflicts thru religious intolerances ... as well as exploiting independence movements are a few examples of how the shadows exploit the human conflict and drama .....

the world is slowly being orchestrated into taking sides in readiness for an all out war ... the purpose by the shadows is to achieve their goal of absolute world control and dominion ... war is currently being prepared ....

look beyond your backyard fence .... the growing frequency of regional conflicts and staged terrorist incidents ... it will only take one to break the camels back and this is currently being planned by your govts .... puppets of the shadows ...

the shadows are from other evolutions beyond earth ... they have no borders or allegiances and are of every colour and creed as well as occupy high places of govt, corporations, finance etc ... in positions to lead people wherever they wish ...

in this moment of time it is unclear how the war will line up, as it is not going to be country vs country as such, but more a people vs people, govt vs govt, leaders vs leaders, religion vs religion, all within the one boundary of any country ... but the tell tale sign will be those who claim to be on the side of truth, who commit the treason and atrocities ...

it will be the strong and mighty, vs the weak and meek, who have no arms, no media, no technology and unable to have a voice heard ... even in your own countries, whom you deem to be a free land ...

what is the ultimate goal you ask ????? it is the enslavement of your soul ... your spirit ... thru ultimate war, all dignity, rights, culture etc will be stripped .... reduced to the status of an animal, begging to live one more day ....

it will be through fear and dominion .... like the old days of the almighty angry war lord jehovah ... those days are starting to rear their heads ...

all wealth, rights, laws will be stripped and replaced, regulated by new laws in the name of jusifying national security against an unknown enemy, who is in truth, the very one who claims to be protecting you for your own good ... binding your soul and right to express ...

watch for staged conflicts which are designed and engineered to lead to war ... ask these questions, whom does it serve ?

was that little country, vietnam really a threat ??? was afghanistan really a threat ...?? and same for iraq and the likes ... but instead of going after the personage, a leader, a whole country is taken out ... innocent lives gone .... for naught ... if they really wanted sadam, they could have taken him out, just like any other, but it was all a visage ...

jfk was one of very few, who stood against the shadows, and like all the others was taken out for doing so ... but yet many still believe one magic bullet zig-zagging all over the place, did all that damage.

individuals bucking the system against the shadows, suffered and will suffer the same fate ... count them ? jfk, lennon, rabin, ghandi and many others in your time known and unknown, who famously or mysteriously met their fate.

due to the majority asleep, though no real fault of their own, you are at the point of no return .... bar one little possible miracle of which can not speak of, last hope and thus can not be revealed ... apart from this, the storm must occur, in order to clean up the air so to speak ....

we suggest heed your ground and if at all possible relocate yourselves to countries in the southern hemisphere, the further south, the better ....

many of you will ask, why isn't anyone helping to fight the shadows ... there are those who do what they can behind the scenes, so as to not bring attention, but it is unfortunate to say, that "god helps those who help themselves" ... meaning, only you, the people of your earth can save yourselves, no one can do it for you ... no ET's, no UFO's, no religious or spiritual leader can do it ....

The Final Call. Jan 2003.

The below comes from a very probable path line at the time of this showing there was 8 probable paths converging at the cross-road of time ahead as it is in our linear time to the blue, they are all merged as one, but for us in this linear universe they are merging into a cross road where a path has to be taken for mass conciousness don't worry i even have trouble wrapping my head around the way the blue view time and space all as one point-flash

now once at the cross road, there are three probable paths according to the blue to pick from of the three eventuating paths, two are not in harmony and one is golden harmony which path we turn at the cross road is dependant on earth and those who reside on it conciousness in the above and the below to answer your question, the one below is a view from the side road of one of these paths also the blue have given a vision of one of these paths many many posts ago

while on the subject ..... there still is one ace left in the deck of cards ....... the jehovi war machine is being neutralized at every step ... but soon they will when backed into the final corner, if not handled correctly could unleash huge devastation to peoples and this planet .... atomic and nuclear weaponary can only be unleashed at fixed grid points and specific set times ... so if any unleashing is to be done, it would have had to been pre-meditated ..... because of this, many sides above and below know the many probable points of unleashment ..... and are in place to attempt to neutralise it ..... it is due to this that the jehovi war machine do not drop them whenever they feel like it, cause many would know the set dates and times ... however ... it will be the all or nothing mentality that has always ruled the jehovi mind set ...

the ace of hearts ... is remaining .... for one more counter block of the jehovi war machine movements .... after this ace is used up .... it will be left to earth and it's people to decide their fate and choose (wake up) .... any further assistance from here will be deemed interference in the eyes of universal law R.


The humans knew they were doomed. If it were another race they would have surrendered to despair, but the humans fought back against the jehovi war machine with even greater strength. They made the fight for every inch of freedom. Since aeons of time we have never seen anything like it. They would weep, they would pray, they would say goodbye to their loved ones. And then throw themselves, without fear or hesitation, at the very face of death itself.

Never surrendering. No one who saw them fighting against the inevitable could help but be moved to tears by their courage. Their stubborn nobility. First they used diplomacy and when this ran out they used smart cunning tactics but this did not disway the jehovi war machine. With what little military skills and technology they possesed they used and when this ran out they used guns, when they ran out of guns they used knives, and sticks, and bare hands.

We only hope that when it is your time, you may die with half as much dignity as we saw in their eyes at the end. They did this, for two millenia. They never ran out of courage. But in the end, they ran out of time!! For if they had not sat around complacent in their own and afraid to speak up and out against the wrongs of their own leaders they may have prevailed over the jehovi. But in the end it was too late.

It was not a race against evil, nor strength or courage and not even weaponry, for they had all these and more; but it was a race against time and it was too late. Gone is the wind of time. Gone are the memories of tomorrow and of yesteryear as history is rewritten by the scavengers of freedom's heart. Gone are the children and grandchildren of future earth. Who will answer their questions as to why their futures were forsaken by their own kind due to sheer complacency?

There are major energy flucuations in your universe and solar system, your weather is not as it is, your time is not as it is, your friday feels like a sunday and reverse. Nothing is as it seems. You are hot then you are cold. Weather patterns are iradic.

By May2003 you will be fenced in. Although on the physical it will appear like planet earth, but for the heart & soul it will be a prison camp. You will live in an electronic, governing prison camp, where freedom is an illussion until your dying days.

The human embodiment and soul was not designed for such systems.

This is the final call. Use every breath, every motion, every word to avert the coming war. every medium at your disposal. put your money where your heart is.

Wake up peoples of planet earth. how can it be that those who have no weapons, no technology but only rocks to throw, who live in never ending refugee camps and are under constant curfew be the enemy of any country or state. how can it be that those who starve, are poor, do not own nor control any enterprise or media, who do not manufacture to sell weapons for the almighty dollar and any weapon they may own be for self defence ... how can such peoples be the enemy of the world. where is the logic of your hearts oh humans.

Stop this incessant behaviour to believe every word your news media and politicans feed you. think for yourselves.

Did your souls come to dance or did you come to die in a useless void of existance.

If you are going to die such a death, then might as well die dancing.

Blueprint for a possible future 2002.

the old-phase was based on control by rules, whether you liked it or not these rules were set by the very few, and designed to filter/block you from all options of expression/experience possible ... those in power controlled every ascpect of your expression by rules, what you could do or not do what you could read and not read, see and not see .....

this was done by controlling the mediums or outlets that you have to express through

the new-phase will be the reverse, that is it will not be rules which determine your limits of expression, but quiet the opposite, your unlimited permutations of expressions and experience will determine and create the mediums on which they travel and are communicated to the masses

no longer will the few control how you feel and you be

you can only move as fast as you conscious awareness allows you

the basis for this new phase shall be

only serve to empower others only create in order to freely contribute to others only focus in order to distribute and so on forever looping

once profit motive is removed, education will replace it

how so ? ... education, knowledge, wisdom ... to understand, to know self, to know universe, to know all will be the goal of attainment and not the $$ currently the $$ is the goal and all else is of no value but do know this, the currency of your probable future will be love and acceptance of all ... the more you can love and accept, themore valuable you will be ... this comes hand in hand with education, knowledge and wisdom ...

you will need to be able to biologically process and store huge amounts of information and data you minds and spirits as well as your biological embodiment will change ever so slightly to allow for this the higher your attainments and abilities to process, communicate information, knowledge, wisdom, experience the more forward propelling your DNA/genetic expansion will result as new neural pathways are created

a probable path is that limited conciousness is at an end .... the old-phase is at an end, and final disclosure on how and why the limitations were put in place will be revealed to the masses ... unlimited conciousness, to be fully self-realised within the hologram si around the corner there is somewhat much work on your end to be done, so as you say, better not jump the gun

your degree of awareness and the amout of presence constitutes your conciousness ... as these grow, so do your abilities to process more physical and non-physical data, information .... information is all around you, in you and outside of you, but you are unable to comprehend it, yet even acknowledge it as you become more aware, the more your ability to biologically interface with this information becomes .. as R transcribes this, the Arcturian star system is begining it's phase alignment for the 2nd gear of 24, which should be complete by your timing of may 2003 ... we say "should" as in your time-frame it is a future event, from where we are, all permutations of it's occurence and non-occurance have already all occurred simultaneaosly .... even R has troubles comprehending how this could be so, so do not concern your selves with the mechanics of it ..... but what we are meanining to intend is that it is up to you to decide your global conciousness destiny, you must create it.

malign elements of your world, within your own governments and with out have planned and made it so to deprive the masses of free access to resources ... they have made it rather difficult for wholistic solutions to be made available to the forefront, in fact they have hindered it and only to later bring forward their own limited version which only served to perpetuate their own agendas which continued exclusive limited access for all to share in resources, education and so forth and only when you have given up your sovereignty to them, they then gave you a psuedo sense of security and shoudl you dare ever challenge them, they will remove the rug from under your feet, destroying even your false sense of security which you never really had inthe first place ........ this is occuring now and has occured in the past .... it's all a set up ... one setup leads to another setup and onwards ... obstructions to alternative energies, health, education, information is their forte and they do it with your financial system ... we ask you to question, who owns and controls your financial systems, who invented and created your banking systems, if you dare to trace it, you will discover and unearth where the cause of your problems and manipulations are occuring from .... R. contends which much hatred emails on a weekly basis, due to our open and honest truth as it be and as it was and as it will be about the perpertraitors of your malignant tumor with in society ... but do make note you can not pin point them, as they have no allegiance even to their own kind, and they will even kill/murder their own in their own lands in order to keep the illussion going strong .... and even in your own free countries you have been conned ..... again we ask you

who controls the money, who controls your media, who owns your media and these will answer why your world is tittering on the edge of night .... who is the real manufacturer of weapons, who peddles these weapons, who has the highest military budgets while their own starve and have homeless on the streets and children fed with drug habits .... we ask you a question ... is your military independant and superior to your civil rights and laws ? many will shudder at the following words, but do ponder on them ..... there is nothing malign as many would think about a "one world" order or power as you call it ..... so as long as it is run by the people for the people and all resources and land is equally shared and distributed ..... of course a "one word" govt owned and run by a few shark feeding frenzied capitalists is not for the good of the many only for the few .. anothr question for you .... who employs mercernaries to fight on their behalf with no allegance to any ...? your 3rd dimensionality / universe-1 existance is beginning to blend in with all universe-2 dimensions and these transparent shifts in conciosness begin at the centre of your sun and star systems ... you must understand that energy transferance is multidimensional and the medium thru which it travels is your black/white holes or as many would call wormholes ... you have not understood the nature of being .... we will give you a tip .... nature as it ever evolves becomes simpler and not as many would have you think more complicated .... natures destiny is to be simply lived and loved, not to be a struggle, a resistance, a pain nor feared ...

Metaphorically, it is 2 minutes to midnite in your time-cycle ... before the bells begin to toll ... midnight will be May 2003

the media is utterly and totally under full control with only little vestages here and there, unheard off, that speak forth the truth ... we urge you to seek the truth and knowledge as to who owns and controls your media there is much to tell, however R's time for us is up ... and so we will speak minimally, only pointers it is up to you and who you will decide the outcomes of your destinies ... ____

before May 2003, there is going to be one more opportunity where the truth of it all will be released en-mass globally and internationally ,,,,, there are pockets of 5th columnists who operate with in the systems of control, but work for the good of the many, locally and globally .... once this truth revealling all as it really is and was, and demonstrates who is really behind the control of your world ... you the people will have once last opportunity to swing, speak up, revolt, demand changes and so forth ...

if this opportunity is not utilised and the fruition of it's timing by the global conciousness then, after May 2003 you will have laid down the foundations of the living dead .... the frozen chosen ... the shadows who control and own everything will hold you in a electrically and digitally controlled chicken wired fence ...

you will work

you will consume

you will be silent

and you will die

unto you children and grandchildren and so forth

should you think that all will come out alright by 2013, we tell you , don't dream as it is near impossible to undo a dream once it has manifested physically

this is why it is split down the middle some have seen 2013 as the beginning of the golden age of sorts whilst others have seen it as doom and gloom, end of all things

we tell you it can be either, the choice is yours how ever as the 2nd universal gear locks in early 2003 what ever is chosen and manifested at that time by the global conciousness will begin setting in the cement of manifested reality whilst it dries

the jehovi war lords are all primed and ready to go irrespective of what the world and it's people want they have an agenda and destiny to fulfill ... even the andromedans and cassiopeans will be unable to hold them at bay for much longer pls understand, all this is going on at higher levels, but in your point of focus, the jehovi are going to go out fighting it's all or nothing, they have and will use every trick and deception in the book and for them it is easy as they own and control all the media ... even your free internet is now under attack and by May 2003 will be in full control of the jehovi as we have stated in previous transcriptions ... many question why an overpowering force can not deal/handle the jehovi .... there is many elements at play here and many rules that need to be adhered to, one being the law of interference, even with this out of the picture, imagine pushing someone with a grenade into a corner .... they will use it ,,,

the jehovi make it out that they are fighting terrorism, when in fact they are the terrorisers themselves ... is it a wonder they begin to look like and behave like the very forces they are fighting against ...

however the truth is coming your way very soon ... stay open minded as even the open minded will find it hard to believe ... it will be play on the global stage ... and it will played in such away, that those who even control the media will not be able to contain it ... ________________________________

as for blue print, it is simple

1. your earth was designed to hold efficiently 7.2 billion people this is the number needed for lift off ... but in the coming probable war numbers will be drastically reduced this is what the jehovi want, as they do not want you to lift off ... this is why you must say no to war, any war regardless of the enemies if any ... and truth be known, the enemy is in your own backyards ...

2. there are enough resources to go around with plenty left over that is if all the resources were equally shared amongst all currently 20% of the world consumes 50% of the resources whilst the other 50% is horded for greed and control of the economies

3. there need not be a financial system as everything can be freely shared out who owns and controls your financial institutions ?? we dare you to ask and look deeper into it and you will find your answers and who is behind your demise .... you will find the media and fincancial systems linked ...

4. there need not be any govts, what is required is councils there is a difference here ..... currently the govts are employed by the peoples but the peoples dont have a say .... where as a council is employed by the peoples and peoples decide and have a say ,,,, the council is purely there to guide and provide assistance and knowledge where required ... the councils do not make the decisions on behalf of the peoples

5. there are technolgies which are far in advance in what the shadows have allowed you to see actually 300 to 500 years in advance of what you have now ,,,

the jehovi keep these themselves for their own uses and this is how they are able to remain in dominating control over the masses .... every now and then they drip feed you technology that may appear to be amazing in your eyes but is actually quiet old as far as the jehovi shadows are concerned ... __________

on this last point ,,, we wish to explain and even R does not totally agree with this .... but before we go ... you must understand .... that the main intelligent expression is done with your heart andnot your brain the heart is the first chakra and not the glands/vortices within the brain the brain only recieves/resonates thought-waves ... it does not generate thought, it simply processes them it is you heart which stores all your experiences and knowledge into your cellular and soulular structure, not the brain .. it is your heart which sends out and emminates frequencies, knowledge, intelligence out into your realities ...your brain can only receive/process thoughts into electrical signals .,.... IT DOES NOT GENERATE THOUGHT your brain retrieves stored memories from your cells and souls and converts them into electrical pulses signals, it DOES NOT STORE MEMORIES within it ... it only processes ..... your scientists still believe that the brain stores the memories and thinks ... this is not so .... all that electrical activity is only the brain processing .... we say this as it will be quiet important in your days to come ... especially when you are couped up in a chicken cage bombarded with many frequency waves ... your brain only resonates/receives thoughts you heart generates thoughts and stores them in your cells is it a wonder heart disease (hearts unable to express) and cancer (signals not getting thru to all the cells, whichgo haywire and eat themselves) are the two major diseases of your time .. when you are brain damaged ... it does not mean you have no memories or can not express!!! it simply means your brain is unable to process them ... and infact the heart is quiet capables of receiving thoughts when the brain is unable to ... _______________________________________

i get asked many questions about where in the world is one safe ... there are about three areas which will be safe in the coming times/flashpoint 1. Australia/New Zealand .... (also blue has said that circa 2008/9 NZ will become/merge as a state of australia) 2. Iceland/Scandanavians North countries 3. North Canada

i've had dreams/visions where huge numbers of people where migrating/fleeing to australia as some calamity came upon the earth ,,,,, have also had emails from some in canada who have said they;ve had similiar dreams/visions where people fromall over fled to canada and had to be taken care of, food/health etc ...

there are many that believe some tidal wave will hit the east coast of australia and even affect NZ i've been told and shown countless times that this is not so ... and will not occur i can only trust the blue that it won't happen .... the blue have stated that there is a tectonic line that runs between east coast of australia and NZ and if this ruptures it may affect ... but the odds of it occuring is a zillion-zillion to one .... the blue have indicated that the azore islands are linked to this tectonic line .... and if any large earthquakes occur in the azores then and only then may east coast of australia be affected

over and out R.

Final Message, October 2020.

It is time for me to move on. This will be the last post from MissionIgnition.

We live on a planet approaching 8 billion people. These people are made up of and not limited to countries, borders, states, religions, genetic race, colour, cast systems, political affiliations with countless and infinite beliefs. All of these create many angles and sides with harmonious alignments as well as many oppositions, tensions, fights, wars etc. And that is just one planet. Now, extend this out to multiple galaxies, perhaps a whole universe if not many. Don’t stop here, continue onward and upward to other dimensions, astral or otherwise (high and low). It does not end here but extends further out to souls, soul families or groups, angels, archangels, archons and creators or creator and so forth. Macro to the micro. Life is teaming with endless life. Infinite and unmeasurable.

The animal and insect kingdom all hunt and devour each other. Fungii and Virii devouring anything or anyone that is not in harmony. Earthquakes, Volcanos, Hurricanes and Cyclones. All “assumed” to be in natural harmony balance. In each instance cells die and new cells are born. Anglish as it may be; “cell’ sounds very similar to “soul”. Cellular – Soulular. Don’t sell your soul. Suns/Stars die out whilst others explode or are born. Blackholes gobbling up anything that cannot escape their gravity. And so … what are YOU/ME/WE left with?

A) You, the creator peering out of those eyes reading this on your screen, created all this wonderful and majestic multi-faceted entwined dream or game (good or bad) for your exploration and experience or;

B) Many creators, to each their own, created many universes, realms, worlds and games to explore and experience.

Surely a Creator would not design itself a system that would entrap itself inside an illusion for all eternity that it could not get itself out of? An experience is created, tasted and released. Instead we hold onto them further solidifying ourselves in matter and groundhog day cyclic patterns. It does not matter which of the above A or B it is. We ALL could be the one being (creator) expressing and experiencing from multi-faceted angles – or – we all could be from different creators. Either way, just like on Earth where we have so many factions as described above there also are factions out there that oppose each other, planet vs planet, galaxy vs galaxy, other races all opposing and conquering each other via war or manipulation through technology. On Earth we can see this dynamic play out. East vs West Country vs Country White vs Black Race vs Race Religion vs Religion Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is telling the truth? Who is manipulating via covert means? Who is for peace and who is for war? Who is attempting to dominate the other? It literally is no different to the plant, animal and insect kingdom. Though many will debate that nature is nature and is in balance i.e. all the creepy crawlies eating each other, lions eating smaller prey, sharks eating dolphins and whales beaching themselves is all just “nature”. If that is the case, then are we too not just “nature”? – or – are we something better, greater more powerful than nature and thus not constrained by the same? And so, who is to say that other extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional races are any different to you or me or us. Same goes for soul groups. I raise this because I am constantly being asked which is summarised into the following questions: “why is everything so bad and corrupted?” … “why are we like this?” … “what is the ultimate outcome or agenda?” … “what is the end game?” … “Why can’t we just have harmony and peace?” I was going to launch into the following with great detail but have summarised it instead;

Universal and Dimensional structure is like a guitar or harp with 24 strings Origins of Human and other ET races and their cosmic battles.

How we Humans came to be here with the embodied DNA of 12 ET races (12 tribes/colours)

How other ET races are seeking this rare DNA engineering Some of these ET races who willingly contributed their DNA to the cosmic Human project now want to claim ownership of the whole program (this the major reason for the unseen battles) Atlantis and Lemuria and those that came before them A soul race invasion because they have destroyed their realms and bodies and are desperate for survival and as “we” have already some of their DNA makes it easier for them to re-engineer a body for incarnational purposes Finding and tweaking/hacking a bio-compatible body to incarnate into (Human body temple)

Mass DNA testing to locate true angelic humans and which human race is most compatible

Hacking the human body by disconnecting communication with higher source/soul through electromagnetic radiation, vaccines and GMO.

Carbon is a toxin for this invading maligned ET race and hence the push with global climate warming and carbon zero emissions before their arrival Terra-forming the Earth and atmosphere through engineered weather and chemicals.

The human (humine) soul group contains DNA strands from at least 12 soul group species like Averine, Feline, Canine, Reptiline, Dinorine, Delphine, Mantisine, Cetacine, Amphibine etc.

Anytime between now and the next 100 years we will be blasted with higher vibrational photons from the galactic core If the above does not result in growth and expansion for Earth and its inhabitants then Earth will self-terminate (reset) around the year 2400.

How media and technology use frequency/vibrations through words and images to influence YOU to move in one direction or another

However, launching into the above in detail would just lead back into “US vs THEM” and around we go in circles with who’s on first and who’s on second base just like that Abbot and Costello comedy.

So this being the last post “Final Rhapsody in Blue Minor” I will leave you with the following.

There is a war on all levels above and below currently raging around us.

Do not become attached to the the outcome for it matters not.

Instead focus on your inner-self to raise your vibration and in doing so your vibration will permeate to those around you and so forth like a ripple in a pond from a small stone. There is inequality, bias, racism, politics, corruption greed (power and money) etc.

However, there is also love, communion, sharing, thriving, embracing, connectedness, openness, oneness, peace and harmony etc.

Whether you live in a cave, are oblivious, sheltered, naive, not affected by the above or you simply just wish to ignore it.

It is happening. i.e. All exist.

Repeating what is already written above because no matter what angle you choose to look in from you are left with two.

And so, we circle back to why is this all happening which leads us down a fork in the garden path:

A) You the creator peering out of those eyes reading this on your screen created all this wonderful and majestic multi-faceted entwined dream or game (good or bad) for your exploration and experience or; B) Many creators, to each their own, created many universes, realms, worlds and games to explore and experience. Either way if we are to reduce this further, it would be; A) This is all a dream or game created (by you or us) to keep ourselves amused, exploring, learning and experiencing and hence we are G.O.D. (generator of dreams).

B) The source creator (not you) has either lost control of its creation, is powerless, does not care or planned “this” all along.

Take your pick, because YOU, peering out of those eyes reading this have ultimately only two paths to choose from. A or B.

And thus it matters not as either will lead you to the same destination with the exception that one path is the highway and the other is a long and winding dirt road but regardless of which one you believe you find yourself exactly where you are this very moment.

YOU either created this – or – The Creator planned it all along. If you created this then work towards changing it. If you didn’t create it then you are at the hands of the creator.

A few last words

Keep your vibration high and integrity whole and true as this will contribute to help you find yourself in a “place” that is void of harm, destruction or chaos but filled with love and peace.

It will also help contribute to the overall vibrational field of the planet and its inhabitants.

I once asked Blue; if my arm got severed, do I have the ability to grow another?

Her reply was; “If you were a master (of your reality) you would simply grow another …. however, such a master would never find themselves in a position of severing an arm in the very first place”.

Her response above can mean many things to different people and applies to everything. Her response actually to me used to be depressing because it implied that whether or not one planned an experience it was “fait accompli”.

It goes without saying that prevention is better than the cure however I’d like to expand on it. One could after awakening becoming enlightened and choose to grow another arm because one “planned” such an experience from the onset.

Maintaining high vibrational integrity will be a challenge.

After all WE/YOU/ME are here in this life/reality to participate, articulate, express and experience.

What I do know is that HIGH VIBRATIONS / FREQUENCY are not affected by LOW VIBRATIONS / FREQUENCY.

This is true of sound and colour. The higher frequencies will always stand out and are undisturbed by the lower frequencies.

A musical chord is made up of multiple notes. When the notes are in relational harmony to each other you will hear much to the joy of your ears an exquisite musical sound.

If not, then it will sound very noise chaotic like.

YOU/ME/WE are individual vibrations and collectively no different.

It will be extremely difficult to tell the difference between or navigate through evil, oppression, disease, propaganda, lies, falsehoods, tyranny, all levels of manipulation and fear.

However, it is your vibrational integrity and conscious intention that will determine if any and to what degree the above will influence you. Imagine that!

A vaccine that may be forced upon you has no effect on you.

You maybe in the middle of a war-zone but the bullets avoid you flying around you instead.

You (individually or all-together) will feel compelled to become something more.

This is a universal process. Each individual or musical instrument in isolation does not sound like much. However, all playing in an an orchestra in symphony sounds greater than the sum of its parts. Ever tried playing in a band? Small or large? It takes some practice working together before the music played sounds coherent. Now imagine 8-billion musical instruments in the symphonic orchestra. What would it sound like?

If 10 individuals are building/adding/growing and 1 is destroying then the one destroying will have a difficult time keeping up with the 10 who are building. However if 1 individual is building/adding/growing and 10 other individuals are destroying what do you think the result would be.

It takes alot of effort to build but very little effort to destroy.

A vibration can be; thoughts feelings emotions intent attention focus words images movements actions Each of the above carries a vibrational energy packet.

This energy packet is not judged to be bad or good.


Whatever you believe is good, another person may believe is bad.

So who or what is right? How does one achieve peace, harmony, growth with such a situation with neither person imposing their force or will upon the other?

The answer may be that all involved can grow through expression i.e. “allowed to be” without injury or harm to the other.

Outcomes, end-games and destinations are an illusion and the only reality is the journey experienced itself.

Ultimately YOU/ME/WE are here to learn and experience by helping, building, growing, expanding – or to – harm and destroy.

Which one are you?

But just like cells in a body, some old cells need to be torn down and destroyed in order to build new cells.

Bidding you farewell.

May you always be in higher vibrations.

R. Blue

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